What We Do

We sell and hire conveyors throughout New Zealand:

  • Site inspection and site requirements assessment

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Maintenance and Spares.

Moving Materials Faster and More Efficiently

At NZ Conveyors, we manufacture, hire and sell portable and modular conveyor systems.

We’ve been making portable conveyors since 2011 and over the years we have established Porta-Veyor® as NZ’s top portable conveyor system.

In 2017, we saw a gap in the market for larger, longer modular conveyors with faster throughput, greater durability and able to handle steeper inclines. The Easikit range of conveyors came to New Zealand.

Being able to hire or buy these bigger, faster conveyors enables contractors and businesses to minimise time constraints and tackle jobs that would otherwise be very labour intensive.

How NZ Conveyors Started

We’re a 2-generation family owned business. After years of experience as tradesmen, we know how important time and efficiency is.

We want to get the job done - finding a solution for difficult access areas in the building, construction and production industries has been our focus.

We could see the potential for conveyors that are easily manoeuvred, user friendly and simple to use and maintain.

NZ Conveyors Ltd has a mission to provide New Zealand with modular conveyors systems and portable, lightweight conveyor systems - by way of hire or sale.

Our conveyors are suitable for use by both individuals and businesses. They provide a solution for both simple and 'hard to do' jobs, without large amounts of manual labour.

A system that is reliable and practical.

The NZ Conveyors team is dedicated to making any job, big or small, a hassle free process.

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