Frequently asked questions:

+ What is the Porta-Veyor?®

The Porta‑Veyor™ is a portable conveyor that is ideal for conveying materials in limited access applications and production plants and provides a cost effective solution where other materials handling methods are labour intensive and impractical.

+ Who uses Porta-Veyor?®

Porta-Veyor is used by commercial contractors in the building and landscaping industry through to government agencies and DIY projects. Typical uses of the Porta-Veyor® include:

* Landscaping 
* Demolition 
* Mining and tunnelling 
* Boring 
* Excavation 
* Pool construction 
* Backfilling 
* Building construction 
* Cleaning and maintenance 
* Materials handling 
* Agricultural

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+ How much material can a Porta-Veyor® move?

Depending on type of material and the type of excavator, with a good operator you can move up to 10m³ per hour.

+ Is the Porta-Veyor® easy to set up?

Porta-Veyors® are one of the easiest conveying machines to set up. Each unit weighs 103 to 116kg. We recommend at least 2 people using correct lifting techniques.

+ What is the longest Porta-Veyor® unit?

4.5 metres. A unit this length is easily manoeuvred.

+ How do I calculate how many Porta-Veyors® I will need for my job?

4 metres is the usable length for overlapping conveyors, so it’s the distance in metres divided by 4. For example, to move material a distance of 38 metres, divide 38 by 4 (4 metres) = 9.5 so 10 units would be required.

+ Can the Porta-Veyor® operate in reverse?

No, but it can easily be turned around for the opposite direction.

+ What is the Porta-Veyor® powered by?

Porta-Veyors® are powered by single phase electric power. Each unit is individually switched.

+ Can I use 3 phase power?

Yes, the Porta-Veyor® can be changed over to 3 phase but remember 3 phase is not as readily available as single phase.

+ Can the Porta-Veyor® be remotely switched?

Yes it can be remotely switched. We can provide a price based on the required specification.

+ Can the Porta-Veyor® be used for firewood?

The Porta-Veyor® can be used for firewood but are primarily designed for other types of material.

+ Can I hire a Porta-Veyor® outside of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch?

Yes, we can send you a unit/s for Hire anywhere in New Zealand. Please contact us to discuss your job requirements and pricing.

+ How much does a Porta-Veyor® cost? I’m interested in hiring/buying one.

Please contact us for pricing Ph: 0800226892.