Porta-Veyor® Portable conveyor belts system is designed to give you better access to difficult sites and to save you time and money onsite/on the job.

Porta-Veyor® portable conveyors are lightweight and portable yet are made to withstand tough conditions.

Porta-Veyor® Portable Builders, Construction, Backfill and Industrial Conveyors are made to high quality standards with scaffold grade and size tubing for ease of set-up on difficult sites where scaffolding is required.  The result is quicker set-up.

Access to tight and difficult sites. Save time and money.

Set-Up Example

  • 40 metre distance to cover

  • 10 conveyors

  • slight gradient

Allow an hour to set up in good conditions.

Requires an understanding of scaffolding.

DIY or we are happy to do this for you.

Features - Porta-Veyor® Portable Conveyor Belt Systems

for Hire or Sale

PortaVeyor Portable Mobile Conveyors Systems for Hire or Sale

Lightweight and easily transported by two people

Durable rubber belt with a chevron pattern which carries the material more effectively, particularly useful for moving material on a slope – minimises spill

Less spill, less wastage and clean-up 

Porta-Veyor® Portable Conveyor Belt has a troughed belt and a chevron pattern for less spill

Troughed belt design holds the product better than a flat belt and requires no extra protection against overspill.

Chevron pattern on rubber belt moves the product more surely on slopes.

Porta-Veyor® has a V troughed profile which along with the chevron on the belt means less spill, less wastage, less cleanup and more time and money saved.

  • Easily clamped to onsite scaffolding

  • Made from aluminium scaffold tube which means easy setup and light weight

  • Porta-Veyor® portable conveyors are 4.5 metres in length

  • Can be stacked to cover the distance needed. The usable length of each conveyor in a stacked setup is 4 meters

  • Scaffold can be used for elevation e.g. to a truck or a skip bin.

  • Can be stacked side by side to move more material

  • Hopper design centralises the product for easy removal

  • Can move up to 10m³ of material per hour. More can be achieved in specialised conditions, this does depend on the material and loading method.

  • Uses domestic power supply - 240 volt single phase power

  • Thermal overload protection

  •  Emergency stop switch

  • Custom made power supply cords available in 20 and 30 metre lengths

  • 3 conveyors can run on each power supply cord; a 2 metre lead connects linked conveyors.

Porta-Veyor® Portable Builders Conveyors, Construction and Backfill Conveyors 

  1. Tight building sites with limited access

  2. Save time and money on the job

  3. Easy set-up, light and portable

  4. Always productive. Won’t slow down as the day wears on.

Conveyor Specifications/Technical Information

  • Length 4.5 metres

  • Width 530 mm

  • Belt Width 450 mm

  • Power Supply domestic 240 v. 10 amp, single phase

  • Construction Durable troughed rubber belt; scaffold grade and size aluminium tubing

  • Weight 103 kg

  • Height 300 mm

  • Motor Power 0.5 kw

  • Belt Speed 0.4 m per second

  • Maximum Incline Angle 19.4 degrees (dependant on material)  which gives a 1.75 metre vertical lift height per 4.5. metre long Porta-Veyor®

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