Modular and Portable Conveyors for Building and Industrial Sites

Modular Conveyors and Porta-Veyor® Portable Conveyors for Building Sites, Construction Backfill and Industrial Sites, available for Hire or Sale.

Limited space, narrow access or tight sites?

Want to improve profit per job?

- Porta-Veyor® mobile conveyor units from NZ Conveyors is the solution for you.


Free Site Inspections - subject to following conditions:

  • Dependent on location, please enquire (most main centres available)
  • Subject to suitability of materials being conveyed
  • Photos provided of site assist where an application maybe of a difficult nature or for small hires.

NZ Conveyors Porta-Veyor® Services

  • Porta-Veyor® mobile conveyor belt systems For Hire
  • Porta-Veyor® portable conveyor belt systems For Sale
  • Site inspection and advice
  • Delivery
  • On-site set-up assistance and full training
  • Scaffold for hire to create elevation for conveyors
  • Supplied with heavy duty power cords
  • Maintenance service
  • Spare parts
  • Available NZ wide

The Porta-Veyor® portable conveyor system is available for HIRE or PURCHASE

Porta-Veyor®  - Ideal for shifting material on site. Faster. Easier.

Industrial and commercial applications, plant maintenance, bulk handling, fertiliser and other bulk materials plants. Move materials round and under pipework. Robust, quick set up, external finger scrapers available. 

Move materials:  

  • Soil
  • Rubble
  • Gravel
  • Backfill of retaining walls
  • Hard core
  • Hard fill
  • Coal
  • Garnet
  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Mulch
  • Aggregate
  • Landscaping supplies
  • Fertiliser

Save time and money on site.

Our mobile conveyors are available for hire and sale New Zealand wide.

Full on-site consultation, delivery and setup service available.

Maintain high level of productivity.

Call or email us now to discuss your options.


Conveyor Hire building and construction sites

We hire portable conveyors for building and industrial sites, projects and home usage.

Filling and moving wheelbarrows or buckets can be exhausting and backbreaking work, so it’s hard to maintain productivity all day; Conveyors maintain the same high level of productivity and keep your site moving all day long.

Call or email us today to discuss your needs – we’ll get your project moving faster saving you man hours, time and money.

Porta-Veyor® Portable Builders Conveyors, Construction and Backfill Conveyors for Hire


Set up assistance

Set up a Porta-Veyor® yourself or our experts can inspect your site, deliver and set you up to get you underway. DIY or full installation, your choice.


Site Inspection and advice

Our experts are available for a free site inspections to assess your application, advise on efficient set up of the conveyors, best practice and safety measures


Maintenance Service

For longer term hire installations, our expert team can visit your site to monitor and assess at regular intervals. Our recommended maintenance schedules ensure your conveyors continue to perform to maximum potential.



We deliver to your site nationwide. No place too difficult.